UP | Achieve Your Goals

UP Concept Video

UP is a multi-platform system that helps people achieve meaningful life-enriching goals and to feel proud of their accomplishments. UP exists on a mobile phone, tablet device, and on a web browser, in order to take advantage of the ease of accessibility of mobile phones and the large screen real estate of the web browser and tablet devices.


> keep track of progress at home or on the goal

> breakdown goals into manageable chunks

> receive weekly “nudges” to make progress


> update and share progress with friends

>synch profile with existing social networks


> visualize achievements and goals

> receive feedback and advice

Conrad Ennis and I teamed up during a design class. After one semester of research and synthesis,  designing and prototyping, and finally producing a concept video sketch of how UP can help people achieve meaningful goals. Our initial idea started with the goal of helping people achieve their bucket list goals. Through our research, we found that although not everyone had a bucket list, everyone has goals and aspirations they wish to pursue. Therefore, we expanded the project scope to include helping people achieve any goal they find meaningful or relevant.

What does UP do?



Receive Weekly “Nudges” to Progress

Based on our key takeway on cognitive dissonance, UP will send weekly push notifications to the user’s mobile devices.

The message asks what the user will do this week to
get closer to his goal. This feature not only periodically reminds users of their ideal self state and asks them to reflect on their achievements, but also requests users to create and achieve a subgoal
and subsequently move closer to the larger goal.

Keep Track of Progress

Users can create goals that are added to a list.
UP also asks users to write down why they want to achieve the goal when they are creating a goal.

This builds on the trigger of cognitive dissonance. This way, users can keep their motivation fresh over time, as they are reminded why they wanted to achieve the goal.

Break Down Goals into Manageable Chunks

Users can also create subgoals within a goal to break down intimidating big goals into more manageable steps.


Share Screens

Update and Share Progress with Friends

Users can check in their progress or simply share their experience easily and quickly on the go on mobile devices or at home.

Sharing goals and progress helps maintain motivation to finish the goal, because by allowing friends to know about his goal and progress, the user is more ‘pressured’ to keep to the goal to maintain a reputation.

Receive Feedback and Advice

Social support in the form of feedback or advice can be a very effective fueler. UP aggregates and displays all of the related feedback and comments from various social media sites, such as Facebook or Twitter, onto the user’s timeline.


Reflect screen

Visualize Goals and Achievements

UP provides users with a simple and concise visualization of their achievements and experiences in the form of a timeline or a photo collage.

By seeing their own progress and self- improvements over time, users are constantly reminded in a natural way to keep striving for their goal.

These visualizations act as archives of
the user’s journey, providing context and mementos to inspire new achievements and reflect on past ones.

A Multi-Platform Experience

UP exists on a mobile phone, tablet device, and on a web browser, taking advantage of the ease of accessibility of mobile phones and the large screen real estate of the web browser and tablet devices.

Users can check-in their progress anytime anywhere on their smartphones. UP uses the larger tablet and web browser screen real estate to create beautiful visualizations of the user’s journey.


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